Sako S20 Precision Rifle

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Calibre: 6.5 Creedmoor

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The first true hybrid rifle with unprecedented design delivers novel modularity, exceptional durability and unparalleled SUB MOA accuracy. What truly makes a hybrid rifle is its highly configurable stock. It is possible to mix and match e.g., if you want to combine the tactical precision forend and its M-LOK attachments with the thumbhole-style hunting stock, feel free to do so. The stocks can be taken down easily by loosening up two of the screws between the rear stock and forend. When collapsing the rifle between the rear stock and forend, there is no need to zero optics after assembly. 

The tactical precision rear stock of the Sako S20 combines great modularity with unparalleled ergonomics for the most demanding precision shooters. All in all, the ergonomics resemble those of modern precision rifles such as the Sako TRG rather than a traditional hunting rifle. The forend of the precision stock was created specifically for long distance and precision shooting. The flat bottom helps balance the rifle when you're shooting without a bipod.

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Sako S20 Precision Rifle - Cluny Country Guns

Sako S20 Precision Rifle

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