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Gun Storage

Firearm Storage:

In the Cluny Gunroom at Bowhouse, we offer effortless firearm storage at a highly competitive rate. Handy for those moving houses, sorting out certificate renewals, going on holiday or simply for convenience.

Guns can be brought in at any time, without prior warning.

Prices (per gun):

– First month: £20.00

– Every month thereafter: £15.00



Shotguns, airguns and firearms will not be re-issued from storage under ANY circumstances, without valid paperwork (with the relevant guns named and listed) being provided at the time of uplift.

Gun storage charges must be kept up to date on a 3 monthly basis.

Guns with more than 3 months outstanding storage charges will be sold without further recourse to the owners. The proceeds from such sales will be retained by Cluny Country Guns.


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