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Trade Ins

Trade in guns

Do we accept trade-ins?


- Yes, we absolutely do. As Scotland's biggest Firearms dealer, we deal with second hand guns all the time. We are completely comfortable in this market and are considered experts in it. We offer a full price range of clay and game shotguns, and hunting rifles.

- We accept part exchange against new guns and second hand guns already in stock.

- We also sometimes outright buy used guns from private individuals as well. Essentially, the same process applies apart from the obvious – you take cash instead of a gun. But in terms of the best bargains for the individual, trade ins are the first and best option.

The Process:

    1. Contact us to discuss the gun/s you would like to trade in and buy. The desired purchase may be a gun we have to acquire, so it is best in this instance to make initial contact, especially if we are a considerable distance from where you are based.
    2. Bring the gun/s in to our shop or send images for initial inspection. We will go over your gun, looking at condition, mainly, but also age and consider the possible market for it.
    3. We will then offer a quote, usually a “to-change” price against the desired purchase gun/s. Please note that if this is based only on images (we have not physically seen the gun) then the quote will be pending a physical inspection. If you do not know what new gun you would specifically like to purchase, we are happy to inspect the trade-in gun and go over new options in store.
    4. Complete the deal.
    5. You leave a happy customer and enjoy better shooting!


Call or email us now for all deals pertaining to trade ins.

Cluny Country Guns is a leader in this area, with decades of experience. This is essential when dealing with pre-owned firearms, whether trading, selling or buying.


The Second Hand Gun Market 

Second hand shotguns or rifles, if they are well maintained and looked after, can hold their value and be useful to trade in against a desired new gun.


This is why there is a vibrant and active market for second hand firearms. Both for purchase and for sale. 


Often the best option when you want a new gun is to trade in your current one. This can make the financial commitment to any upgrade easier to justify and it clears space in the gun cabinet!