Sako 90 Varmint Stainless Rifle

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Calibre: .22-250

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The Sako 90 Varmint is a dedicated rifle designed for small game and vermin hunters. Its fluted barrel not only adds a distinct appearance but also aids in heat dissipation. The rigid birch-laminate stock with a raised Monte Carlo comb and wide-bottom forend ensures a comfortable shooting posture, especially when using high-magnification optics.

Built for long-range shooting and hunting, the Sako 90 Varmint offers exceptional rigidity and stability, resulting in pinpoint accuracy. The free-floating heavy stainless steel barrel further enhances accuracy, allowing hunters to stay on target consistently.

Weight: 3.7kg

Barrel: 20"

Sako 90 Varmint Stainless Rifle - Cluny Country Guns

Sako 90 Varmint Stainless Rifle

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