Freyr & Devik Featherweight FW149 Moderator

The Featherweight 149 silencer is for those looking for the lightest hunting suppressor possible. Weighing in at a mere 149 grams, it still offers a serious level of suppression in a small and remarkably light package. 

At this weight it has almost no effect on the natural balance of the rifle. This makes it ideal for driven hunts, stalking and when handling dogs. This suppressor is ideal for smaller calibers.


Suppression: 27-29 dB
Weight: Approx. 149g
Core & thread: Titanium
Length in front of muzzle: 109 mm
Total Length: 125 mm
Diameter: 44.5 mm

 Proper maintenance is very important. Click here to view cleaning instructions - Freyr & Devik Moderator Maintenance
  • RRP
  • £355.00