Blaser R8 Professional Success Leather Rifle

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The Blaser R8 rifle is a renowned German bolt-action rifle recognized for its unique radial bolt-locking mechanism, adaptability with interchangeable components, and a scope mount integrated into its barrel. The brilliant, precision engineering of the Blaser R8 guarantees a return to zero with any removal or changing of scopes. Additionally, the rifle includes a manual cocking system and a precise trigger mechanism. Crafted by the company Blaser, it showcases these innovative features.

The Blaser R8 Success Leather Rifle combines a robust synthetic stock with non-slip stock inlays made of specially impregnated leather. Different stock and leather colors provide an individual look

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Blaser R8 Professional Success Leather Rifle - Cluny Country Guns

Blaser R8 Professional Success Leather Rifle

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