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Browning, Miroku and Winchester are pleased to offer a fantastic cashback offer on purchases of brand new shotguns and semi-autos between October 1 and December 15 2023.

These great offers are: 

  • £200 cashback on all brand new Browning or Miroku O/U Shotgun (Excluding JMB Collection)
  • £75 cashback on all brand new Browning Maxus 2 Semi-Auto Shotgun
  • £75 cashback on all brand new Winchester SX4 Semi-Auto Shotgun
 Browning O/U Cashback Offer

Follow these easy steps to claim your cashback offer:

1. Follow the relevant link to the promotion platform for the brand of your new shotgun or semi-auto:

Browning O/U Shotgun Cashback Offer

Miroku O/U Shotgun Cashback Offer

Browning Maxus 2 Semi-Auto Cashback Offer

Winchester SX4 Semi-Auto Cashback Offer

2. Fill in the forms page (the serial number can be found on the product or packaging).

3. Upload a copy of your receipt

4. Upload your shotgun certificate

5. Submit your request

6. You will receive your cashback (subject to terms and conditions) 6 to 8 weeks after filling in the form.

Browning Maxus 2 Cashback Offer 

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Terms & Conditions:

Browning & Miroku O/U T&Cs    Browning Maxus 2 T&Cs    Winchester SX4 T&Cs

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