Are you left-handed and looking for the perfect shotgun?

You are left-handed, so you need a left-handed gun, right? Not necessarily, in this video Robin explains what to consider.... 

Several of the big shotgun manufacturers offer their guns in left-handed versions, but is your left eye your master eye? If not, the gun won’t be shooting where you aim. You might need to wear an eye patch, or obscure the right lens of your shooting glasses, to make sure you are shooting with the left eye.


Plus, of course, gun fit is every bit as important for a left-handed shot. “Just remember it’s the master eye that’s critical, not whether you’re right- or left-handed” says Robin.


If you are left-handed and left eye dominant - check out our great range of left-handed guns here.

Or please get in touch or come in and visit us if you have any questions or need help in determining the best gun for you.

Left Handed Shotguns

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