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Benelli 828 U Field Shotgun (Silver)

  • £2,745.00
Barrel Length

A first for the leading producer of semi-auto shotguns, Benelli has turned their hand to manufacturing an over and under shotgun, and the result is fantastic! An extremely innovative, robust and lightweight hybrid gun. 

Benelli's 828U is a groundbreaking 12 bore that weighs approximately the same as most 20 bores, without the assumed recoil of a light gun. It is very smooth to shoot. 

It boasts a clever recoil reducing system (progressive comfort) in the stock, greatly minimising the "biff", especially when using heavier cartridges. In addition, and equally as major an innovation, the action is made with an internal steel locking mechanism to ensure action strength. It forms a neat monoblock. 

Available in black action or silver (higher grade wood and with engraving). 

See the Benelli 828U in action here