Mauser/Sauer .243 Rifle Package Offer

.243 Rifle Package Offer CLuny
We regularly put together complete rifle packages for our customers and have been listening to requests for the ultimate .243 package. An affordable, yet high quality rifle setup in the most common UK calibre.

So here we have it - a unique .243 rifle package offer with some of our most popular brands and products. Offering savings of over £500 (from buying products individually), customers can choose between the Mauser M12 Impact rifle (black or grey barrel) or Sauer S100 Keeper rifle – paired with the impressive Leica Amplus 2.5-15x56 Scope.

The Mauser M12 Package:
- Mauser M12 Impact .243 (black or Grey barrel)
- Leica Amplus 2.5-15x56 P L 4Ai (illuminated reticule) Scope
- Freyr & Devik F196 Titanium Moderator
- 30mm Picatinny Mounts
- 9-13 “ Pivot head Bipod
- One box of .243 ammo
- Full setup of the package
- Targets to zero 

Total: £2650.00 (Option – Include BDC on the Leica scope for an additional £50)

(with the  Sauer 100 Keeper rifle)
Total: £2795.00 (Option – Include BDC on the Leica scope for an additional £50)

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